Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bootcamp Day 3

More than 30 researchers, designers, and ETPL commercialisation teams. 
Over 16 proposals. 
Final preparation for judging by 10 industry experts. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bootcamp Day 2

Output from Day 1 from joint Design and Research teams.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bootcamp Panel of Judges - 21st March 2014

As a head of South-east Area Region R&D centre, Mr. Youngbae Park is not only in-charge of over 400 R&D Engineers, Chemists and Scientists across six countries but also responsible for sponsoring and encouraging the 3M Innovation Culture that has kept 3M R&D alive and well for more than a century. Today over 30% of 3M sales in SEA Region comes from New Products and New Applications enabled by the active year-on-year contribution to sales by the R&D.  In 2010, YB moved to Singapore upon his appointment as R&D Head for SEA Region which includes Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia. Under his leadership 3M R&D is undergoing a strategic as well innovative cultural shift to create more localized innovation to support the business growth plan in the region.

Ms. Daphne Flynn has a design management role at Philips Design with a focus on design led innovation for the Asean & Pacific region.  Major takeaways when u talk to her :
  • With so much diversity, designing globally is a challenge – make a product global but take into consideration local cultural nuances such as color and shape.
  • Take a chance in life, you never know, your dreams may come true!
  • Follow your passion, the rest will work itself out! 
  • There is always a great excuse to learn something new.

Mr. Fabian Ong, Director & Partner of Laminar Labs & Ideal Laminar Pte Ltd. The company, a solution provider of Thermal management and EMI solutions for Portable devices.  He is also the Director, of Uniqtek Pte Ltd,  that focuses on providing Eco-friendly and energy saving solutions to the Oil and Gas, Maritime, Building and construction Uniqtek is a supplier of High Performance Coating and Paints for Corrosion control and Hot and Cold Insulation. These products are waterbased or low VOC and are certified by EnergyStar, Singapore Environmental Council and endorsed by other Green Councils. He is constantly looking    for new revolutionary ideas to bring to the market ! 

Low Cheaw Hwei, Global Creative Director, Philips Design, joined the Philips audio concept design team in 1991. He worked in Hong Kong and Singapore before in 2002 he was made Senior Design Director for the consumer electronics portfolio in Asia and in 2007, took on the role of Design Officer for TV and AVM, leading the function of design in both business groups. He is now appointed the Global Creative Director for the Consumer Lifestyle responsible for overall creative direction in product and services design across the sector. In addition to his responsibilities at Philips Design, he has served on several design committees and international design competition judging panels. 

Kwai Merng is Executive Vice President and heads the Science and Engineering Commercialisation Division. She leads a team responsible for enhancing the value of promising technologies for commercialisation from the research institutes under A*STAR’s Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC). Kwai Merng brings to the task her extensive experience in financial valuation, corporate planning, business development, merger and acquisitions as well as operations management accrued from her executive roles at companies such as NatSteel Asia and KPMG.

Kelvin is the Director of Focus-Tech Holding, a private investment company and formerly the holding company of the Seksun Group. He is the founder and CEO of FocusTech Ventures, a seed stage venture firm and technology incubator that focuses on projects around web, mobile, digital media and M2M communications. Kelvin co-founded T.Ware, a haptics technology firm, and serves on the Board of Directors of several internet startups. Adamant that hardware is the new black, he desperately wants to bring sexy back to the “makerpreneur” world.

Mark Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Sing Lun Holdings Limited, was accorded Most Outstanding Entrepreneur Award at Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2010 in Singapore. With a workforce of more than 7,000 employees, with production facilities spanning across 6 countries worldwide, and a strategic supplier to brands including North Face, Puma and Underamour, Sing Lun is considered to be one of the leading integrated apparel provider globally.

Dr. Kenneth Lee joined A*STAR in July 2013 as Director, Biomedical Research Council. He shapes and oversees the council’s research initiatives and industry development strategy in the Consumer Business space (spanning Food and Nutrition to Personal Care and Dermatology). Ken is a passionate game changer and global executive with 14 years' experience in senior leadership positions in innovation and strategic planning (personal/beauty care, food and nutrition industries). At L’Oréal, where he was Director of Strategic Foresight, Ken led a multidisciplinary team tasked with identifying and incubating new growth opportunities based on emerging science and technology. By nurturing partnerships with research teams and start-up companies worldwide, the team helped L’Oréal to be future ready, and to gain access to white spaces with the potential to change the game for the industry in a 5 to 10 year horizon. Ken has undertaken assignments in Brazil, China, Europe, India, Israel, US. He looks forward to working closely with the A*STAR community, to help establish Singapore as the Asian Innovation Capital. 

Jade Yip , Director of Shevron Pte Ltd, is currently running a new family business, as a one stop shop for design, fabric embroidery and silkscreen. The product focuses on distinctive embroidery styles and impressive techniques which can be seen on the merchandise of many famous local and US brands 

Rudy grew up in the Silicon Valley; Started and sold two successful companies before finishing College.  Upon completing post graduate studies at The Ohio State University, Rudy put his talent to work for Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space as a member of a Tiger team tasked with putting a commercial imaging satellite into orbit from design to launch in under 4 years. The project was a brilliant success,  paving the way for companies like Google to have access to data that we now all take for granted in Google Maps. Fast forward 15 years and you will find Rudy living and working in Singapore after having been at Flextronics for more than a decade. During these last three years, Rudy has served as the Director for Flextronics Design. This world class R&D team has designed many of the technology products you use every day. Although you may never see Flextronics name on the logo, Flextronics Design provides Design Services to many of the most recognized brands in the world.

Spent the first 15 years of working life in an MNC environment picking up the “right answers” in the business value chain. Aspire to practice and refine these ‘right answers’ in a very different setting like small enterprise. One of the very few senior executive that has whole spectrum of experience in MNC, SME, high-tech start-up, A*Star spin-off and manufacturing plant in less develop country. Good balance of hand-on practical experience and academic learning for engineering, management and business. Well rounded technical know-how and self-driven profile. 

Brian is a multidisciplinary Design Leader with more than 15 years of experience leading strategic design programs that drives successful Brands, Fortune 500 businesses, and Government Institutions such as GE, Philips, Nakamichi, Flextronics, Ericsson, Hannspree, and HP. His passion is in helping organisations leverage on Design Driven Innovation to make people’s lives better. His designs, or those by the teams he has led, have been recognized with prestigious awards such as: The Singapore Design Award – Silver (2010), 2 Red Dots in Product Design (2010 for HTS8160B, 2005), Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award (2007)2 CES Innovations Award Honorees (2007)Red Dot Concept Award (2006), and a “Merit” in the Young Professional Designers Award (2002). These designs have been featured in T3 (Lumos, HTS9520, HTS9140), Wired Magazine, Home and Décor, Engadget China, Yanko Design, and exhibited at Singapore Design Festival (2007) and 20/20 Product Design (2004). He was formally a Senior Design Manager at Philips Design leading their global portfolio of home cinema/entertainment products and Head of Industrial Design at Nakamichi. He founded and currently runs Design Sojourn, a strategic design consultancy.

Alfred Tan, Deputy Director of ITE College West Technology Development Center. This center brings engineering solution in the form of imaging, embedded systems, mechanical design and software to the industry. Alfred has more than 15 years wot R&D experience in different MNC industry covering MedTech, Military and Consumer. He is well versed in product development from product definition to mass production level ( high mix low volume and low mix high volume ).

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bootcamp - 19,20,21 March 2014

Location: SUTD, Level 2, Classroom Think Tank 2-4 (left from the main lobby)

a) Participants are required to take 3 photos of people's behavior that they find it interesting.
For each photo , to complete Toolkit link, and bring these 3 insights along on 19th March 2014.
Coloured print-outs preferred for each insight.

Participants are encouraged to go through the Technologies we have at A*STAR.
These technologies are encouraged to be utilized as teams formulate product concepts.
Product concepts are also judged based on the technologies utilized from the list


Customer Insight Tool by Design Sojourn

Photo Archive for Tech Sharing Day 12 March 2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

FlyFord Communications

The consumer experience: inventing products that consumers want to buy
Peter Moore, Director, FlyFord Communications
Investor in A*STAR startup Nanoveu

Kickoff Co-Creators

43 Co-Creators
MDesign, Co-Foundry, IdeationEdgeAsia
Nanoveu, Sofshell, World Kitchen
FlyFord Communications, Shevon, Elextile, Design Sojurn


InfoComm Media
Portable Virtual Reality Kit 2
HDR Camera App without Ghosting
Single Image Haze Removal
Scalable Multimedia Platform
Face Recognition
Multilingual Chat
Cloud-ready Speech Recognition
Natural Speech Synthesis
Voice Biometrics
Video-based Customer Profiling
Human Detection & Tracking for Behavioural Analysis
Mobile Activity Recognition
Mobile Interactive Multimedia Access System (MIMAS)

Formation of 2D and 3D Patterned Surfaces with Nanoimprint Lithography
Gecko's Feet adhesive
Modification of Substrate Wettability
Colour Texturing on plastics without using dyes

Printed electronics
Solution Processable Molybdenum Oxide Film
Fabrication Of Conductive And Transparent Thin Films
Digital Asynchronous Logic in Printed Electronics
Conductive inks for printed electronics

Electrospun Fibrous Carbon Mats from Lignin and Their Application as Electrode Materials for Energy Storage
One-step Mineralizable Electrospun Fibrous Mat
Electrospinning & electrospraying

Smart polymers
Biodegradable Thermogelling Copolymers
Fast Response Biodegradable and Biocompatible Shape
Stimuli-Responsive Degradable Polymeric Materials

Prevent Oxidation of (Poly)unsaturated Fatty Acids Against Oxidation Via Fabrication of Multilayer Protective Coating Over Encapsulated Emulsion

Improving display contrast of OLEDs

Microfluidic Biosensor Intergrated With LSPR Spectroscopy
Metal Nanoclusters Fluorescent Colour-Change Assay

LED as Next Generation Visible Light Communication
Lead-Free Electro-Optic Ceramics
Flexible Impact Absorption Composite
Nanowire Sensor, Nanowire Sensor Array and Method of Fabricating the Same
Point-of-care Diagnostics Tools
Point-of-care System for Cell-based Monitoring for Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)
Embedded electronics and ideas from Data Storage researchers
Superhydophilic coating

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Next to the Skin Ideation and Bootcamp 2014

Event Invitation : “Next-to-the-skin” Ideation Bootcamp 
(ETPL Initiatives)


In recent months, we see a lot of developments going on in the area of wearable devices eg. Misfits, Shine, Jawbone, as well as smart watches.  The swamp of new devices launched in CES 2014, is a signal that there are so many possible innovations appearing so fashionably attractive , on the skin, targeting the  sports and wellness areas.

On the aesthetic end, we all know that age can rob a person of his/her good looks. But beauty, in essence, is an ageless topic. Man has long sought to define beauty. In fact, the mathematical concept of the “golden ratio” has been used to determine if a person’s facial feature are attractive, or even lucky.  In a study conducted on 10,000 people it was found that being beautiful makes people happier.  Today, medical science has allowed doctors to reshape, refresh and redefine faces to bring us closer to our own ideal of beauty. The evolution of mascaras and extended eyelashes as well as plastic surgery, laser treatments simply shows the demands for chasing after beauty.   What else does one need to look beautiful without going through the pain under the knife or laser? 

In the area of the textile industry, companies had been finding new ways to reduce chemicals waste, create nanofibers and fibers with unique properties with anti-microbial and hydrophobic features, finding new shapes via innovative coating techniques onto fibers to create down-feather or silk-like effects. 

In this event, we are organizing a short technology library introduction sharing session and a 3 full-day experiential bootcamp to allow the participants to think outside the box, on possible solutions to address the needs of its end user.  It will also allow the participants to work collaboratively and experience prototyping and to create their own product concepts and prototypes to pitch and showcase to companies, entrepreneurs, licensees and manufacturing partners.

A) Schedule 

Other events may include at CommunicAsia (6-7th June , TechVenture (Sept 2014) and  MediaExploits 2014 (1st Oct 2014) !

Programme on 12 March 2014 @ ETPL, Matrix Building, Level 5, Multifunction Room 1 

Welcoming Address, 
Dr. Kim Shin Cheul, SVP, Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd
The consumer experience: inventing products that consumers want to buy
Peter Moore, Director, FlyFord Communications
Making the world less painful - one impact at a time!
Elgin Yap, CEO, Sofshell
Textile and New Technologies: The Designer in the Era of New Technologies
Hedren Sum, Art Librarian (Design), Nanyang Technological University School of Art, Design & Media
Tea Break
Finding the Embroidery Innovation: A Valuable Partner in Wearables
Jade Yip, Shevon Pte Ltd
Technology Pitching Session 
Wearable Trends
Erich Zainzinger, CEO, Elextile
Team Formation and Ice Breaking
Defining the Future with Design Led Innovation 
Brian Ling, Director, Design Sojourn

B) Technology showcase on 12 March (Deadline for entry submission : 10th March) 

Scientists are invited to share the technologies that they are working on, so that it could be utilized in the product concepts. 
It should be a powerpoint slide incorporating : 
  • Brief non-confidential description of proposed technology including: 
    • Discussion of the scientific background supporting the proposed technology  
    • Technical maturity of approach 
  • Expertise and capabilities of responder (include any relevant prior projects or experiences) 
  • Intellectual Property status 
    • Scientists can send in the slide to :
      • IMRE :
      • DSI :
      • I2R  :
C) Product idea Pitching / Coverage

    • Teams would be required to select an representative from the team to showcase and pitch the product idea on 7th May 2014 at Startup Asia event and other major events
    • The proposed area may cover the following categories :

    • This means that Technologies directly or indirectly,  close to the skin (avoiding allergies or side reactions!), the wearer should look and feel good, comfortable, even improving in one own’s life habits and wellness, and solving issues faced by any animals and human beings.  This may include tuning of eco-friendly materials, revolutionary ideas to improve fibers, or tuning plastic surfaces for better wearability or having unique sensing properties. It may also be ideas to support miniaturization of wearable devices as costume jewelleries, or on fashion wear. Any revolutionary ideas would be up for anyone’s imagination

D) Funding for event
    • Mock Prototyping to Plate Prototype (Stage 1 : For 7th May Showcase)
The initial product idea conceived during the bootcamp may need resources to establish a functional demonstrable prototype.  Teams are encouraged to  also work with industrial design houses to draw a conceptual product during the bootcamp. 10 or more selected revolutionary product ideas may be awarded funding up to $20,000 per product idea

E) Funding for post event
    • Gap Funding
Teams with interested partners and end adopters, with the validated product concept, may proceed to further improve on the prototype.  Teams would be required to submit a gap funding proposal, with the proposed teams, budget, timeline, value proposition, customer & partners letter of interests. Selected product ideas may be awarded further funding from ETPL

Note that all above fundings will need to be administered through the Research Institutes. 

F) Intellectual Properties

    • All Foreground IPs are generated based on inventorship. This is applicable for all A*STAR participants. 
    • All IPs are filed through ETPL , and the filing decisions are made final by ETPL.
    • Any IPs generated by companies will be solely owned by A*STAR.
    • Teams are encouraged to file through the Research Institutes before the event on 7th May.  

G) Confidentiality
    • Respondents confirm that their submissions do not contain any confidential information
H) Selection and Review Process
    • The first judging will be on 21st March at the Bootcamp. 
    • The second judging will be on 7th March at Startup Asia
    • The judging panel will be convened to ensure relevant expertise and diversity of perspectives.
    • All judging, eligibility and award decisions are final, not subject to review and at the sole discretion of the judges and ETPL.