Thursday, March 6, 2014

Next to the Skin Ideation and Bootcamp 2014

Event Invitation : “Next-to-the-skin” Ideation Bootcamp 
(ETPL Initiatives)


In recent months, we see a lot of developments going on in the area of wearable devices eg. Misfits, Shine, Jawbone, as well as smart watches.  The swamp of new devices launched in CES 2014, is a signal that there are so many possible innovations appearing so fashionably attractive , on the skin, targeting the  sports and wellness areas.

On the aesthetic end, we all know that age can rob a person of his/her good looks. But beauty, in essence, is an ageless topic. Man has long sought to define beauty. In fact, the mathematical concept of the “golden ratio” has been used to determine if a person’s facial feature are attractive, or even lucky.  In a study conducted on 10,000 people it was found that being beautiful makes people happier.  Today, medical science has allowed doctors to reshape, refresh and redefine faces to bring us closer to our own ideal of beauty. The evolution of mascaras and extended eyelashes as well as plastic surgery, laser treatments simply shows the demands for chasing after beauty.   What else does one need to look beautiful without going through the pain under the knife or laser? 

In the area of the textile industry, companies had been finding new ways to reduce chemicals waste, create nanofibers and fibers with unique properties with anti-microbial and hydrophobic features, finding new shapes via innovative coating techniques onto fibers to create down-feather or silk-like effects. 

In this event, we are organizing a short technology library introduction sharing session and a 3 full-day experiential bootcamp to allow the participants to think outside the box, on possible solutions to address the needs of its end user.  It will also allow the participants to work collaboratively and experience prototyping and to create their own product concepts and prototypes to pitch and showcase to companies, entrepreneurs, licensees and manufacturing partners.

A) Schedule 

Other events may include at CommunicAsia (6-7th June , TechVenture (Sept 2014) and  MediaExploits 2014 (1st Oct 2014) !

Programme on 12 March 2014 @ ETPL, Matrix Building, Level 5, Multifunction Room 1 

Welcoming Address, 
Dr. Kim Shin Cheul, SVP, Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd
The consumer experience: inventing products that consumers want to buy
Peter Moore, Director, FlyFord Communications
Making the world less painful - one impact at a time!
Elgin Yap, CEO, Sofshell
Textile and New Technologies: The Designer in the Era of New Technologies
Hedren Sum, Art Librarian (Design), Nanyang Technological University School of Art, Design & Media
Tea Break
Finding the Embroidery Innovation: A Valuable Partner in Wearables
Jade Yip, Shevon Pte Ltd
Technology Pitching Session 
Wearable Trends
Erich Zainzinger, CEO, Elextile
Team Formation and Ice Breaking
Defining the Future with Design Led Innovation 
Brian Ling, Director, Design Sojourn

B) Technology showcase on 12 March (Deadline for entry submission : 10th March) 

Scientists are invited to share the technologies that they are working on, so that it could be utilized in the product concepts. 
It should be a powerpoint slide incorporating : 
  • Brief non-confidential description of proposed technology including: 
    • Discussion of the scientific background supporting the proposed technology  
    • Technical maturity of approach 
  • Expertise and capabilities of responder (include any relevant prior projects or experiences) 
  • Intellectual Property status 
    • Scientists can send in the slide to :
      • IMRE :
      • DSI :
      • I2R  :
C) Product idea Pitching / Coverage

    • Teams would be required to select an representative from the team to showcase and pitch the product idea on 7th May 2014 at Startup Asia event and other major events
    • The proposed area may cover the following categories :

    • This means that Technologies directly or indirectly,  close to the skin (avoiding allergies or side reactions!), the wearer should look and feel good, comfortable, even improving in one own’s life habits and wellness, and solving issues faced by any animals and human beings.  This may include tuning of eco-friendly materials, revolutionary ideas to improve fibers, or tuning plastic surfaces for better wearability or having unique sensing properties. It may also be ideas to support miniaturization of wearable devices as costume jewelleries, or on fashion wear. Any revolutionary ideas would be up for anyone’s imagination

D) Funding for event
    • Mock Prototyping to Plate Prototype (Stage 1 : For 7th May Showcase)
The initial product idea conceived during the bootcamp may need resources to establish a functional demonstrable prototype.  Teams are encouraged to  also work with industrial design houses to draw a conceptual product during the bootcamp. 10 or more selected revolutionary product ideas may be awarded funding up to $20,000 per product idea

E) Funding for post event
    • Gap Funding
Teams with interested partners and end adopters, with the validated product concept, may proceed to further improve on the prototype.  Teams would be required to submit a gap funding proposal, with the proposed teams, budget, timeline, value proposition, customer & partners letter of interests. Selected product ideas may be awarded further funding from ETPL

Note that all above fundings will need to be administered through the Research Institutes. 

F) Intellectual Properties

    • All Foreground IPs are generated based on inventorship. This is applicable for all A*STAR participants. 
    • All IPs are filed through ETPL , and the filing decisions are made final by ETPL.
    • Any IPs generated by companies will be solely owned by A*STAR.
    • Teams are encouraged to file through the Research Institutes before the event on 7th May.  

G) Confidentiality
    • Respondents confirm that their submissions do not contain any confidential information
H) Selection and Review Process
    • The first judging will be on 21st March at the Bootcamp. 
    • The second judging will be on 7th March at Startup Asia
    • The judging panel will be convened to ensure relevant expertise and diversity of perspectives.
    • All judging, eligibility and award decisions are final, not subject to review and at the sole discretion of the judges and ETPL.