Tuesday, March 11, 2014


InfoComm Media
Portable Virtual Reality Kit 2
HDR Camera App without Ghosting
Single Image Haze Removal
Scalable Multimedia Platform
Face Recognition
Multilingual Chat
Cloud-ready Speech Recognition
Natural Speech Synthesis
Voice Biometrics
Video-based Customer Profiling
Human Detection & Tracking for Behavioural Analysis
Mobile Activity Recognition
Mobile Interactive Multimedia Access System (MIMAS)

Formation of 2D and 3D Patterned Surfaces with Nanoimprint Lithography
Gecko's Feet adhesive
Modification of Substrate Wettability
Colour Texturing on plastics without using dyes

Printed electronics
Solution Processable Molybdenum Oxide Film
Fabrication Of Conductive And Transparent Thin Films
Digital Asynchronous Logic in Printed Electronics
Conductive inks for printed electronics

Electrospun Fibrous Carbon Mats from Lignin and Their Application as Electrode Materials for Energy Storage
One-step Mineralizable Electrospun Fibrous Mat
Electrospinning & electrospraying

Smart polymers
Biodegradable Thermogelling Copolymers
Fast Response Biodegradable and Biocompatible Shape
Stimuli-Responsive Degradable Polymeric Materials

Prevent Oxidation of (Poly)unsaturated Fatty Acids Against Oxidation Via Fabrication of Multilayer Protective Coating Over Encapsulated Emulsion

Improving display contrast of OLEDs

Microfluidic Biosensor Intergrated With LSPR Spectroscopy
Metal Nanoclusters Fluorescent Colour-Change Assay

LED as Next Generation Visible Light Communication
Lead-Free Electro-Optic Ceramics
Flexible Impact Absorption Composite
Nanowire Sensor, Nanowire Sensor Array and Method of Fabricating the Same
Point-of-care Diagnostics Tools
Point-of-care System for Cell-based Monitoring for Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)
Embedded electronics and ideas from Data Storage researchers
Superhydophilic coating